Our Mission

The Founding Story

The Holy Spirit released Reverend Gertrude Stevens to start and pastor a church after she held the "Vision" for twenty years on December 3, 2000.  The vision came into reality on January 18, 2001 at the home of Sister Diane and Brother Charles Taylor with Pastor Stevens and seven others in attendance. Our official place of worship began at the Holiday Inn, Ritchie Highway in Glen Burnie on Sunday May 2, 2001.

New Beginnings

As Pastor Stevens proclaimed the Gospel to souls seeking Christ Jesus at a hotel, God's Spirit spoke to her to share by faith, First Community Baptist Church of Glen Burnie under the leadership of Pastor Jackie Taylor and his congregation in August 2004. After seven months and fifty-four members, Pastor Stevens and CJAYA moved into a Warehouse to worship, 7466 New Ridge Road in Hanover, Maryland, where thirty-one additional members and fourteen Katrina survivals joined this anointed ministry.

The expense at our warehouse church was more than the income; so we had to relocate.  By the grace of God, He led Deacon Alton Jasmine to share with one of his coworkers our need for a place to worship.  One week later, on the second Sunday in March 2008, we began worshipping at New Hope Sabbath Christian Center, Pasadena, Maryland, under the leadership of Pastor Lavern Gaither for four years.

Pressing Through the Struggles

For eleven years, God blessed our struggles, heard our prayers as we waited by faith, on our miracle church of stain glass windows and a steeple.  As you look to the right of our history and see our beautiful church, it is with gratitude and humble thanks to God for being faithful as He promised. 


Sunday June 10, 2012 @ 10:45 A.M., we worshipped God and marched to Zion in our very own church given to us by God's Promised Word found in Psalm 119:49, located at 1210 Severn Station Road, Severn Maryland 21144.

Seeking a Deeper Faith

CJAYA is a Non-Denominational Living Church that lifts up the "Trinity" through the Holy Scriptures. CJAYA seeking to strengthen relationships with Christ within a multicultural diverse congregation.


The History of CJAYA is God's chasers going deeper by faith into the Word of God, winning souls and empowering lives to dare to be different in a broken down world.  Men, Women, boys and girls come to Jesus just as they are; but do not leave like you came in Jesus Name.

"Pastoring souls is my joy and the joy of the Lord is my strength.  I would love to have the privilege of pastoring your soul; feeding the Lambs and growing the Sheep."

- Pastor Gertrude Stevens